Help Your University/College Students

Master 8 Stress Resilience Secrets

That Every Student Needs To Know

“Every student needs to master this info.

A great presentation.”

Andrew B., Student, University of Northern British Columbia
Cooling Down Student Stress

for University/College Students

A life-changing and fun presentation on living a balanced life in an

ever increasing stressful world.

A unique and fun stress management seminar where teachers and school staff learn how to thrive and prosper in today’s demanding and constantly changing world. Give Cameron a little time and he will help you feel more relaxed, energized and confident.

“Give Cameron 45-90 minutes and he will inspire

and teach your students the 8 stress resilience skills
needed to thrive and prosper in today’s
ever changing, threatening, 24/7 world!" 

 A Unique, High Energy, Practical
and Fun Student Program

Focusing on Managing Stress

For University/College Students That Guarantees the
Essential Skills Needed for Managing Stress and

Maximizing Life in the 21th Century

  Why Your Students Need

To Hear This Message

  1. Life is moving faster and faster and will not slow down in the years ahead, students need this message not only to survive and thrive college/university life but also to enjoy a successful future personal, family and career life.
  2. 70 to 80% of your students are or will be experiencing serious negative stress sometime during this school year. Learning the keys to managing stress is not an option today and is an essential skill every college/university needs to ensure their students master.
  3. Job and life burnout are now common in the early to mid-20s and younger, recently this only happened to people in their 40s then it dropped to the 30’s but now even teens are burning out.

 Burnout proof your students now!

Today poorly managed stress on the job is the #1 cause of low productivity and absenteeism and this will only increase in the future.

Cameron is a burnout survivor who can help your students avoid this life destroying crisis!

The Ideal Student Presentation For

Orientation/Welcome Week

Housing and Residence Life Events

Greek Sponsored Events

Leadership Programs

Career Programs

Summer Programs

Convocation Series

Student Government Events

Student Conferences


Academic and Athletic Programs

Assemblies/Lectures — any time of the year


Faculty/Staff Meetings

Any student or staff event where an “outside” speaker is feasible 

This presentation can be adapted to any event or
occasion and to
various student groups — for example

 Cooling Down The Stress Soup for Freshmen

(Great for Orientation Events)

How to make a successful transition from

high school to university/college life.

Cooling DownThe Stress Soup for Student Leaders

How to thrive and grow on the stress and

challenges of student leadership.

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Our Life-Changing Stress Management Seminar - For University/College Students

Silver Hills On-The-Road

1. Experienced International  Speaker   (makes your job easier)   For over 20 years, he has been delivering his unique and fun presentations and college students love his message!

2. A Life-Changing Message Students Need
    Stress resilience skills are vital today and all students need them NOW! Cameron’s mix of humor, fun and inspiration  make his talk one that students will use for the rest of their lives.

3. He Speaks From Real Life Experience   Having attended and worked at many colleges and universities he knows student life first hand and having survived  job burnout and fully recovered, he knows the risks and solutions.

4. Builds A Positive Can Do Attitude In Students  In a highly professional and inspirational format students resolve deep-seated stress including how to make the personal choice to be positive and optimistic even in our negative, threatening world.

5. Cameron is an easy speaker to work with and he saves you time and money    Simply give him a microphone and an audience and he is ready to go!  He saves you time and money with free customized marketing materials and free participant materials you simply copy and a flat fee that includes all travel costs.

5 Top Reasons

Activity  Coordinators & Student Conference Planners

Love  Booking Cameron

This presentation can save students much unnecessary pain and grief. 

Student Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! 

Are Your Students

 Living Life Out Of Balance And Heading For An Early Burnout?

with Cameron Johnston

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Your  Business  or  Community