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Our Life-Changing Book on managing TEEN stress


““I give this book 10/10. "
Grade 12 Student, Perth, Australia

“I enjoyed every page of the book, even the sad parts. . .”
Grade 12 Student, Perth, Australia

"Teen stress strategies very helpful; made me think."
Ryan, Grade 8 Student, BC, Canada

"Well-written, easy to read and understand."
 Melissa, Grade 9 Student, Ontario

“This book is great, I love it. When I first did the stress test,
I got a score of 68 but after reading the book, it helped me get a higher score of 99!!  I really love this book. It is very inspirational and helps with teen stress.”

Stephanie, Grade 9, Nunawading Christian College, Australia​ ​

Master 8 Stress Resilience Secrets
That Every Teen Needs To Know

Cooling Down Teen Stress

All teens are stressed today because life is
moving faster and faster. . .

Here is a unique and fun teen stress management book
Written By A Teen For Teens

“The teen stress strategies helped me a lot and
 I love the story so much that I read the book 3 times!”

Heidi, Grade 10 Student, Alberta, Canada

     Teens are stressed out today! It is not a figment of their imagination. The unrelenting influx of information and change make the turbulent teen years especially dangerous. Teen suicide rates are higher than ever as our 24/7 world moves faster and faster.
     Teens need to feel more relaxed, more safe and more in control. Delight wrote this book while still a teen for teens. She presents eight easy to follow steps to cool off the teen stress soup that will make teen life more focused and enjoyable. The interactive wellness activities and being written in a story format by a teen for teens is what distinguishes it from every other teen stress book on the market.
     The book tells the story of energetic and likeable Derisa Moore, a high school student in grade/year 12 who experiences the near suicide of one friend and the untimely death of another. All this while juggling the usual teen stressors of parental hassles, dating, grades and work. Collapsing under the pressure, she is helped by her older brother’s wellness counsel and support. She completes a difficult year with the necessary stress hardiness and skills to succeed and enjoy life.

Teachers, Guidance Counselors and

Youth Leaders Are Saying . . .

“Cooling Down Teen Stress is well laid out and effective in dealing with teen stress issues.  The narrative approach is unique with good advice suitable for students in any school system.”  

Rick S., School Principal, BC Canada

 “We use this teen stress book with our students. It is required reading for my peer counseling students so they can learn skills for managing their own stress as well as for helping fellow students who are feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend this book for its practical, easy-to-read approach to teen stress management. The students enjoy the story approach and they easily identify with the girl in the story because she faces many of the same stressors that high school students deal with on a daily basis. In student book reviews, they often recommend this book as one that all students should read.”

Carol S., High School Guidance Counselor, Oregon, USA

"One of those rare books which addresses in a practical way the life issues and stressors facing teens today and tells a good story in the mix." Peter. F., High School Chaplain and Youth Leader

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Additional Info on Cooling Down TEEN Stress

Writers Digest Says . . .
 “This is a very well written book, especially because the author is a teenager! Phrasing and word choice are age and culture appropriate.”

“I highly recommend this teen book. It is a cross between a teen fiction story and self-help book and deals with the stress in the life of the typical teen. It offers solid, no-nonsense guidance and advice on a range of issues including dealing with grief, drug use and abuse, peer issues, popularity, career choice and just surviving school.”

Tony K., National Youth Director, Australia

First Nations School Principal Says .. . .

“Students become engrossed in their reading of this book.  Even during classes, it is often difficult to get them to put it down. It takes a realistic view of the pressures that teens face in today’s society. With minimal guidance, it allows teens to develop their own solutions to problems.

Many teens are reluctant to become vulnerable in sharing their personal struggles.  For this type of student, the book is fantastic.  It allows them to maintain their dignity while addressing uncomfortable situations.  In our classrooms, students responded to this book with excitement. 

The activities at the end of the chapters intrigued them and kept them glued to the story line.  It is a great book for discussion within the class, and can open the way for dialoguing on other relevant issues not directly discussed in the book. Through this book students learned many coping mechanisms. They were excited to be able to relate to the issues that were presented and felt that the coping strategies were realistic and achievable.

One student says,  “It helped me understand not only myself better but others too. It taught me to communicate my feelings and other ways of dealing with how I feel.” 

Julie B., Principal, Mamawi Atosketan Native School,

Hobbema, Alberta, Canada

 ​Ready To Order A Copy
Regular Price $18.95 CDN
Special Online Price Only $15.95
plus shipping & applicable taxes
 Plus if you order online we will also send you
by email a FREE CD TEEN Stress Special Report 
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  1. Written in an interesting teen story format
  2. Teen stress assessment tools
  3. Teens identify and resolve deep seated stressors
  4. ​ 8 practical ways for teens to  manage stress effectively