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Master 8 Stress Resilience Secrets
That Everyone Needs To Know
Cooling Down Stress

A unique and fun stress management seminar where participants learn how to thrive and prosper in today’s demanding and constantly changing world. Give Cameron a little time and he will help you feel more relaxed, energized and confident.

“Practical stress coping strategies that I now use

daily to prevent stress from making me sick.”

 Diane W., Kelowna Caregiver and Homemaker

Is Life Out of Balance?

No Time , No Energy, No Joy 

Master 8 powerful ways To Cool Down
Stress and more effectively manage
both your work and personal life

With A Special Feature

Avoiding and Recovering From Burnout

10s of 1000s Have Already Benefited 

Across Canada, the USA and Australia

This seminar is excellent for

anyone feeling the negative effects of stress

including executives, managers, nurses,

physicians, social workers,

secretaries, home care workers, etc.

 Program Planners and Participants Are Saying . . .

"Excellent presentation. I gained more practical help
in this short seminar than in a recent 2-day stress management workshop.” T. Fagrie, Police Officer, RCMP Regina, SK

Presentation can be adapted to various time frames

A Keynote Address   or  A Full  2-3 Hour Seminar/Workshop

or   a 1 Hour Lunch & Learn

Presentation can be adapted to various audiences

A General Community Group, Churches, Schools, etc.     MORE . . .

Workplace Wellness and Business Groups     MORE . . .

Teachers and School Staff     MORE . . .

Health Care Workers     MORE . . .

College/University Students     MORE . . .

Actually this seminar can be

adapted to any group

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Yes, Life Is Moving Faster And Faster?

with Cameron Johnston

Our Life-Changing  Stress Management Seminar

Silver Hills On-The-Road

  1. Objectively assess their stress levels and be more aware of how stress is affecting them.
  2. Discover several practical ways to manage their stress better while increasing their stress hardiness.
  3. Will recognize and resolve deep-seated stress.
  4. Learn how to avoid job or life burnout and if already experiencing it how to recover.
  5. Develop strategies to maximize stress hardiness to ensure resilience and energy needed for life in our 24/7 world.
  6. Leave with several immediate doables that will improve
    productivity while enjoying life to the full with joy and peace.

Participants Will

It is not a figment of your imagination!

Life is moving faster and faster. Yes, the speed of life is increasing yearly, if not monthly, and there are reasons why this is happening. 

In fact,  the speed of life will not slow down any time soon, that's the bad news.

The Good News is that you do not need to continue to move faster and faster.  You can slow down and this seminar offers some very practical and helpful tools that really work!