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Master 8 Stress Resilience Secrets
That Everyone Needs To Know
Cooling Down Stress

A unique and fun stress management seminar where participants learn how to thrive and prosper in today’s demanding and constantly changing world. Give Cameron a little time and he will help you feel more relaxed, energized and confident.

Program Planners and Participants Are Saying . . .

"Excellent presentation. I gained more practical help
in this short seminar than in a recent 2-day stress management workshop.” T. Fagrie, Police Officer, RCMP Regina, SK

Presentation can be adapted to various time frames

A Keynote Address

A Full  2-3 Hour Seminar/Workshop

A One  Hour Lunch & Learn

Presentation can be adapted to various audiences

A General Community Audience     MORE . . .

Workplace Wellness and Business Groups      MORE . . .

Teachers and  School Staff     MORE . . .

Health Care Providers     MORE . . .

College/University Students     MORE . . .

Clergy and Church Staff     MORE . . .

  1. Discover 8 powerful ways to effectively manage work and personal stress

  2. Assess current stress and coping levels and know how stress is affecting you

  3. Increase work performance and productivity

  4. Resolve deep-seated stress
  5.  Develop strategies on how to maximize stress hardiness

  6. Ensure resilience and energy needed for our 24/7 world!


  1. Perfect health nature's way
  2. Cleansing nature's way
  3. Soothe and relax your mind nature's way
  4. Eating nature's way


Experiencing Nature's Way To

Hope and Healing

Learning how to let nature take better care of you by reversing today's killer diseases through positive lifestyle change.  Give Phil a little time and he will give you a new lease on life!

Program Planners and Participants Are Saying . . .

“WOW - What a seminar! It was a stellar performance by

our friend Phil. Interactive, entertaining, informative,

educational, meaningful, practical and a lot of FUN!” 

R. Donatelli, Silver Hills Bakery, Abbotsford, BC

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