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Bringing  Lifestyle  Enrichment  Training  Directly  To

Your  Business  or  Community

Lifestyle Training for Maximizing Life

in the 21th Century

  • Is  your or your staff's life threatened by a chronic illness

  • Or do you simply need a lifestyle tune-up

  • Either way this seminar will give you simple and powerful solutions

  • Including the motivation to make the needed changes easier than you think.

  • Here is practical, effective help for reversing lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer

This seminar is based on Phil's practical experience

of over 30 years as a lifestyle makeover coach

at the Silver Hills Lifestyle Centre.         For more on Phil . . .

Weekend Lecture Series Based on this seminar with Phil Brewer

4 CD Audio Library Plus a Free Stress Management CD 
 Special online price of Only $34.95  (Regular Price $49.95)

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  1. Perfect health nature's way
  2. Cleansing nature's way
  3. Soothe and relax your mind nature's way
  4. Eating nature's way


Experiencing Nature's Way To

Hope and Healing

Learning how to let nature take better care of you by reversing today's killer diseases through positive lifestyle change.  Give Phil a little time and he will give you a new lease on life!

Participants Are Saying . . .

“Silver Hills saved my life! At age 35, I was diagnosed

with two life-threatening illnesses and was at death’s door.

Silver Hills literally gave me a new lease on life."

Shawn, Calgary, AB

with Phil Brewer

Our Life-Changing Hope and Healing Seminar