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Stress is the spice of life!

The problem is too much poorly managed stress

which can kill you!  We can help with

Stress Management Coaching

with Cameron Johnston, author, international speaker

and director of Silver Hills On-The-Road and a

Stress Management Coach

Cameron has been conducting stress management seminars and coaching those suffering from stress illness for over 25 years. He is a burnout survivor and a specialist in helping individuals recover from stress illness.

Burnout Recovery Coaching

Cameron personally experienced a serious job related burnout over 25 years ago. He recovered completely and now guides those in serious stress distress to recovery.

Burnout Prevention And RecoveryFor Employees

Contact us for info on seminars for all employees to prevent burnout and if you have employees experiencing and off work or going of work from burnout Cameron can shorten the recovery time and make sure there is never a relapse.

Coaching can be in person or by phone

ContactCameron by phone 250-267-1660 or by



One Hour Stress Management or Burnout Recovery

Coaching Session with

Cameron Johnston

Health and Wellness Coaching with

Phil Brewer

Hope and Healing
Health and Wellness Coaching

with Phil Brewer, the founder and president

of the Silver Hills Lifestyle Centre and a master

Lifestyle Makeover Coach

“Silver Hills saved my life! At age 35, I was diagnosedwith two life-threatening illnesses and was at death’s door.Phil Brewer

and Silver Hills literally gave me a new lease on life."

Shawn, Calgary, AB

Coaching can be in person or by phone

ContactPhil by Phone:   250.547.9456 or Email:


Stress Management Coaching with Cameron Johnston

Health Coaching with Phil Brewer

Our Life-Changing Health and Stress Management Coaching